World music band "Lepi Jova" is formed in 2008. in Novi Sad, Serbia. Band plays world music with a touch of Balkan ethno and Jazz music. Since forming band have had many successful concerts and shows.

Most important shows were at Nisville Jazz festival in city of Niš, Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad and manifestation "We look for young talents" where "Lepi Jova" won first prize.

Most of music that band plays is composed by Željko Džakić and Milorad Kukić.

Band members are longtime friends and great music professionals.

Milorad Kukic plays the fife.

Milorad Kukic

fife and guitar

Milorad Kukic is Serbian piper and the frontman of band "Lepi Jova". Although he is self taught musician, Milorad has achieved significant results as piper of which most important is winning third place at competition of Serbian pipers in Prislonica 2006 and second place at same competition 2011. Except flutes, Milorad plays guitar, kaval, dvojnice (Serbian national instrument), ocarina, bass and accordion.

Njegos Krakic plays the tarabuka.

Njegos Krakic


Njegos is a percussionist who has gained musical experience playing in various folklore groups and Novi Sad jam bands. Njegos was a member of the award-winning orchestra of folk dance ensemble Vila in 2006. He participated in the recording of the CD "Music of Serbia" (published by Arc Music, Great Britain) that was recorded in Canada in 2007.
Njegoš is one of the founders of the band.

Milos Mijatovic plays the saxophone and clarinet.

Milos Mijatovic

clarinet and saxophone

Milos graduated clarinet at The Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in the class of professor Nikola Srdic and Alekstandar Tasic. He is currently attending PhD studies at the Faculty of Arts, University of Nis, in the class of professor Ante Grgin. Milos Mijatovic is laureate of many international competitions. The University in Novi Sad and ministry of Culture awarded him ‘Exceptional Award’ for his artistic activities. In the period between 2001 and 2006, From 2005 onwards, he is a permanent member of Southeastern Chamber Orchestra at the position of a solo clarinetist. He made recordings for TV and radio stations. Milos Mijatovic is regular member of International Clarinet Association USA. He is professor of clarinet at Faculty of Arts, University of Nis, Serbia.

Tibor Szabo plays the bass guitar.

Tibor Szabo

bass guitar

Tibor Szabo ia a bass player in band. Except bass, Tibor plays many other strings instruments such as violin, guitar, tambura and pretty much any strings instrument. He is a regular member of Radio Television Vojvoding Orchestra. He made many recordings for TV and radio stations and participated in many concerts with well known Serbian singers and musicians.

Zeljko Dzakic plays the bass guitar.

Zeljko Dzakic


Zeljko Dzakic plays guitar.

Miroslav Majstorovic plays the violin.

Miroslav Majstorovic


Miroslav Majstorovic plays the violin. He started studying the instrument when he was at age nine. He graduated at music high school "Isidor Bajic" in professor Mirjana Hajdukovic class and he is currently final year student at Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in class of professor Mihal Budinski. Miroslav is a regular member of Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra, member of "Kotor Art" festival orchestra and several other ensembles.